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Hi, I'm Katie Van Horn. I'm a U18 World Recaller and I love Irish dancing more than anything else in the world.

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Anonymous asked:

Not saying this to be rude AT ALL, I am just curious I suppose. Why did you even bother responding to the drama with Gannon? I know you messaged him to talk it out, but its like..why would you want to work things out with someone that outright sub tweeted you and talked badly about you to multiple people? Like wouldn't it have just been better to ignore it? IDK I love you as a person and I feel bad that he was rude to you I guess! You deserve better

The Irish Dancing Diaries... answered:

I just constantly do this thing where I post something as soon as a thought pops in my head and it’s really bad and I’ve been trying to work on it but I got about 25 texts from various dancers across the country asking why Gannon had subtweeted me so I got caught up in the moment and immediately responded before I could even think and then after he kept responding negatively I just felt like I needed to “defend my honor” (for lack of a better term) and then it escalated. And I wanted to work things out because I believe that people are inherently good, and just because Gannon and I got caught in a bad situation and he subtweeted me or whatever doesn’t make him a bad person, just like I’m not a bad person for responding to his messages. We were both at fault but everything worked out in the end and now we’re all cool so now we just need to put it behind us and move forward! And if I look at it positively, I made quite a few friends from the situation so it wasn’t all bad(: I guess everything happens for a reason! 

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Anonymous asked:

I love you on your blog but I feel like I would like you more in real life. I've heard you're really different (in a good way(: ). Like I've heard you're just very smiley and laughy and there's no sass ever (which just seems weird) and just super open idk. My friend met you once and said you were 800x more awesome in person.

The Irish Dancing Diaries... answered:

Aw thanks(: Yeah I am very different in person. I don’t try to be I just think everyone has a very different persona on social media than they do in real life. I’m more of a hippie and a feminist in real life and I’m laid back about meeting people and I never use the word “aw” and I laugh after every sentence I say which I’m trying to stop doing because I realized that’s kinda weird and the only place I ever use sass in the real world is on stage and that just kind of happens naturally hahah.  

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Anonymous asked:

I have seen you at competitions you are not quiet hahah

The Irish Dancing Diaries... answered:

It depends on the day. My close friends will tell you that some days I won’t shut up and other days I barely say a word. 

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